South Sister 10,358'

South Sister is primarily known as one of the area's premier hikes to the summit of an actual volcano. However, the Prouty Glacier Headwall on the northeast side of the mountain is an exciting climbing objective for someone who is interested in an out-of-the-way, moderately steep snow climb. As far as ski objectives go, South Sister has a wealth of great lines on many sides of the mountain with great access for a one day ski trip from the summit of a mountain.

Prouty Glacier Headwall

Spring, Summer | 2 days

In the early summer the Prouty Glacier Headwall offers a great moderate climb.  Depending on the conditions the climb may require extensive use of crampons and ice axe.  This two day climb is a great way to be exposed to the basics of mountaineering while experiencing what    …trip details

South Sister Hike

Summer, Fall | 1 day

After mid summer the trail up South Sister is fairly free of snow and the climb becomes one of the most beautiful hikes in Oregon and is a yearly trip for many Oregonians. Strewn with wildflowers and skirting big glaciers the views are ample reward for the long and strenuous    …trip details

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