Mt. Baker

Mt Baker is one of the iconic volcanoes of the Northwest. Visible from Puget Sound, it dominates the landscape with its glaciers, second only to Mt Rainier in terms of ice mass on the peak. It is the third highest peak in Washington, and a must do climb for those climbers who enjoy climbing on glaciers.

Mt. Baker- 4 Day Snow and Ice Climbing Seminar

Summer | 4 days

Mt. Baker is an awesome arena for snow and ice! In fact, one of the US snowfall records was recorded at Mt Baker Ski area in the winter of 1998-99. The grand total was 1,140" of snow. That is 95'! The good news is all of that snowfall keeps the glaciers healthy and happy,    …trip details

Coleman-Deming Glacier

Summer | 3 days

The Coleman-Deming Glacier route lies the north side of the peak and has some slightly steeper terrain than the Easton.  This route tends to be the more popular climb on the peak and offers the climber the chance to experience some steeper snow fields and glacier climbing    …trip details

The North Ridge

Summer | 3 days

'The' classic alpine ice climb The North Ridge is THE classic alpine ice climb on Mt Baker! It involves challenging glacier navigation, efficient climbing over steep snow, alpine ice climbing, and a high standard of fitness, to get up and over the summit quickly to avoid    …trip details

Easton Glacier

Summer, Fall | 3 days

This is a relatively low-angled route on mountain, and its greatest challenge is crevasse navigation.  It’s a great climb for folks who enjoy traveling in big glacier country on one of the snowiest mountains in the lower 48, and who have previously climbed other routes on    …trip details

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