Sharkfin Tower 8,165'

Sharkfin Tower is a striking alpine rock climb in the heart of Boston Basin. Perched on a ridgeline between heavily glaciated terrain, Sharkfin has clean rock and views that can't be beat.

Sharkfin Tower 8,165′

Sharkfin Tower is an incredible rocky peak amongst some large glaciers. The climb has solid rock that is very exposed and the views to the north are staggering. The climb starts with a fairly rigorous climber’s trail on day 1 to gain Boston Basin. Starting at about 3200′,    …trip details

Four Day Mixed Alpine Climbers Seminar

Our four day trip to Boston Basin or Eldorado is recommended for people who want to experience the full gamut of classic alpine climbing. Both areas have a number of peaks and routes such as Sharkfin Tower, Sahale Peak, Dorado Needle and the well known Forbidden Peak.    …trip details

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