Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Oregon

Join Timberline Mountain Guides to experience the thrill of moving over vertical frozen water!  We love to ice climb all year long! You’ll be exposed to different ice tool techniques, crampon work and ice anchors.  Just because it’s the middle of winter and below freezing doesn’t mean you have to stop climbing!

Ouray Ice Park. Ouray, CO.

Ouray Ice Park offers the ice climber a virtual playground of ice climbing routes. Home to some of the best and most accessible ice and mixed routes Ouray dishes out climbs to challenge the most advanced ice climber while simultaneously having endless amount of terrain for the first time ice climber.

Summer Glacier Ice Climbing Course

This course is offered for climbers who are interested in more instruction and more time practicing steep and vertical ice climbing techniques including a variety of crampon techniques and when to implement them as well as different ice tool techniques and positions. In this two day course, there is more of an emphasis on different types of anchor construction as well as protection placement for leading steep ice routes. Students will have the option of doing a top-roped lead to bring together and apply all the course material that was covered.

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