Four Day Mixed Alpine Climbers Seminar

Our four day trip to Boston Basin or Eldorado is recommended for people who want to experience the full gamut of classic alpine climbing. Both areas have a number of peaks and routes such as Sharkfin Tower, Sahale Peak, Dorado Needle and the well known Forbidden Peak. Climbing any of these routes requires a sound application of many of the skills required for alpine climbing.

The itinerary for this trip will be custom designed for your group and we can base our choice of routes on participant’s abilities and climbing goals. There are routes of all levels of difficulty available on the peaks in this area.

Washington Cascades
Summer, Fall

2 climbers – $1,100 per person

1 climber – $1,800

Trip Length: 
4 days
Trip Dates: 
Custom dates are available after July 5th

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