Washington Cascades

Glaciers in the North Cascades

The Washington Cascades stretch from the Washington – Canada border to the mighty Columbia River.  The Washington Cascades offer up perfect objectives for any aspiring alpinist, mountaineer or rock climber.  Most of the peaks in this range are composed of large volcanic, snow covered peaks as well as towering granite walls.  Come and join us and let our guides show you why climbers from throughout the world love climbing in the Cascades.


Black Peak 8,970'

Located on the East side of the Cascades, Black Peak often sees better and a bit drier weather than some of the other Cascade peaks on the Western side of the range. The peak is located close by WA Route 20 which offers easy access to an enjoyable peak.

Eldorado Peak 8,876'

Eldorado Peak, located in the North Cascades National Park, offers the alpinist the opportunity to climb a peak in a wild and beautiful alpine setting. The peak lies at the edge of the largest continuous ice cap in the lower 48 states that is not attached to a volcano.

Forbidden Peak 8,815'

Forbidden Peak is perhaps one of the most popular peaks in the North Cascades. With three prominent sweeping ridges, North, West and East. There is good reason why this peak has been included in the 50 Classic Climbs in North America. Join us for a demanding yet rewarding climb of any of the three ridges on Forbidden Peak!

Mt. Baker 10,781'

Mt Baker is one of the iconic volcanoes of the Northwest. Visible from Puget Sound, it dominates the landscape with its glaciers, second only to Mt Rainier in terms of ice mass on the peak. It is the third highest peak in Washington, and a must do climb for those climbers who enjoy climbing on glaciers.

Mt. Rainier 14,411'

Mt. Rainier is a large and complex climb suitable for climbers with significant previous experience. We offer one of the best ratios of any guide service on Mt. Rainier for this climb. We are offering a small group climb of the Emmons Glacier, in a longer than normal trip. This gives us a chance to review skills, assures good acclimatization, and allows flexibility for bad weather. Given the effort required to get into position to summit Mt. Rainier, we feel that this approach works best.

Mt. Shuksan 9,131'

Just East of Mt. Baker is the picturesque Mt. Shuksan standing at 9,131 feet and offers some classic alpine climbs in a truly inspiring setting of the North Cascade National Park. Be sure to check out some of the most classic alpine routes in America that call Mt. Shuksan home.

Sahale Peak 8,681'

Sahale Peak is nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful spots in the North Cascades National Park-Boston Basin. It is a worthy climb, and if paired with another objective in the area, it makes a nice addition to a multi-day trip.

Sharkfin Tower 8,165'

Sharkfin Tower is a striking alpine rock climb in the heart of Boston Basin. Perched on a ridgeline between heavily glaciated terrain, Sharkfin has clean rock and views that can't be beat.

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